How and how often may I use my business list from Germany?

Once bought you may use your mailing list as often as you like for various types of marketing. That gives you time to convince your potential customers. Our mailing lists enable you to try several marketing channels. The same goes for responders to your campaigns.

Are the address lists up to date?

We regularly match our data with the German commercial register and other freely available sources. There are thousands of business setups in Germany every month. A lot of potential customers for you.

Our business lists have a high postal deliverability. However, during the process of collecting the data some businesses may change their name or cease to exist. Results will vary depending on the specific industry. As we rely on the input of the businesses some inaccuracies may occur.

Source of our mailing lists

Our business lists are compiled from several data sources like telephone directories as well as from the German commercial register.

Included criteria

  • • Business name
  • • Firm size
  • • Industry
  • • Recipient with name, title and position
  • • Personalised German greeting
  • • Street
  • • Zip Code
  • • City
  • • Mailbox
  • • District
  • • Federal state
  • • Area code
  • • Telephone number
  • • Fax number
  • • Email
  • • Website
  • • 4 further suitable industry sectors

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You speak German?

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About Address-Base

First of all our goal is to satisfy you as our customer. As experts for German mailing lists we will offer you a business list that perfectly suits your needs. We may also support you on how to adapt your campaign to the German market.

Quality business lists from Germany

Profit from more than 4.000 industries and from over 4 million premium business contacts from all over Germany. Use information like the industry or the region of the specific businesses to target your potential customers. That will reduce scattering losses and increase your response rate.

Hint for list brokers

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